What are Benefits of customizing your postpaid plan?


Mobile postpaid plans tell you what this type of mobile phone bill connection is. In postpaid plans, you can pay after you use up your monthly data or Talktime or SMS. Your monthly bill will be based on the plan you choose and your monthly data usage. 

Recently Airtel has launched customised airtel postpaid plans to suit your need. There are a few benefits if you opt for a customised mobile postpaid plan, as you will get the plan to suit your appetite for data or Talktime.

A few benefits  of a customised postpaid plan:

  1. The activation of a customised postpaid plan is at zero charges only by many service providers. In addition, some companies deliver your sim to your doorstep with a no-contact delivery. 

  2. Selected customised postpaid plans to provide subscriptions to more than one OTT application so that you can watch your favourite films with an uninterrupted speed. Apps like Hot star and Netflix can be subscribed to as per your plan and requirements. 

  3. Some plans have rollover data features. This means the unused data will be added to your next month's data without any additional charges.

  4. If you are a voracious data user, you can opt for a higher GB of the data package. There are some plans with 150 GB of data and rollover of up to 200 GB. These data packs can satisfy most of your daily requirements of downloading, uploading and surfing.

  5. If you are an avid talker, you may want to opt-in to some plans that offer you free Talktime or longer talk times. Even there are unlimited local and STD calls on a few plans that are provided by a few network players.  

  6. If you frequently need to travel, you need a free-roaming plan customised for your need. This would prevent unnecessary bills when you make or receive a call.

  7. Some networks like BSNL provide unlimited data without any speed restrictions. These might be helpful in work-from-home scenarios where you might heavily depend on internet meetings and calls. 

  8. There are some networks, which offer free Live TV. You can follow your news and keep yourself updated or catch your favourite sports in action. 

Airtel has a ‘Myplan’ option through which you can customise your plan as per your preference. These airtel postpaid plans let the users choose what they require in their mobile connection.